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Getting to Ragged Point

Ragged Point is located above the beautiful Pacific, on the ocean side of scenic Highway 1, just south of the Monterey/San Luis Obispo County line. We are about 50 miles south of the Big Sur campgrounds, and about 20 miles north of San Simeon.

How do I get to Ragged Point from here?
Click this link to view a Ragged Point destination map.

How far is it to Ragged Point?
This table shows approximate mileage and drive times from other places in California:


Approximate Mileage

Estimated Driving Time

Bakersfield, CA

165 miles

3.5 hours

Big Sur Campground

50 miles

1.5 hours

Cambria, CA

25 miles

35 minutes

Carmel, CA

85 miles

2 hours

Cayucos, CA

40 miles

50 minutes

Disneyland, CA

285 miles

5 hours

Esalon, Big Sur

30 miles

35 minutes

Fresno, CA

160 miles

3.5 hours

Gorda, CA

12 miles

20 minutes

Lake Tahoe, CA

385 miles

7.25 hours

Las Vegas, NV

450 miles

8 hours

Los Angeles, CA

250 miles

4.5 hours

Lucia, CA

25 miles

30 minutes

Morro Bay, CA

50 miles

1 hours

Nepenthe, Big Sur

45 miles

1.25 hours

Paso Robles, CA

50 miles

1 hours

Pismo Beach, CA

70 miles

1.5 hours

Sacramento, CA

265 miles

4.75 hours

San Diego, CA

380 miles

6.25 hours

San Francisco, CA

221 miles

4 hours

San Jose, CA

181 miles

3 hours

San Simeon, CA

20 miles

25 minutes

San Luis Obispo, CA

60 miles

1.25 hours

Santa Barbara, CA

160 miles

3.5 hours

Yosemite, CA

250 miles

5.5 hours